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'​I adopted Will a year ago, the day after Thanksgiving. So, we will be having our First Anniversary real soon. I had just lost a very special kitty that I had raised from a kitten and enjoyed for 17 years.

When Will came home with me it only took him about a day before he decided he was ready to come out of the guest bedroom and join the Family. Now Will and JJ are best of brothers and friends. They are both about the same age, so they like to chase each other, play and sleep together. There are kitty toys all over the house.

​Over the year, after living outside his whole life, he has become a neat freak and insists on keeping his fur clean, clean, clean. Needless to say he is very soft and shiny. Therefore, I have given him the nickname Will 'Roly Poly Clean Tummy' Richards.

He is a very important part of my family now and I love him immensely. For anyone not sure about adopting a grown cat, this has turned into the best experience. I would't trade Will for anything in the world.'

Robin Richards (Will and JJ's People Mom)


A long time resident of the shelter, Lucy found her forever home with one of our volunteers Kelly. The more time Kelly spent with her the more she was convinced they belonged together. Here she is napping on 'her' couch, in the sun. This 10 year old girl has gained confidence in her new home and gives her owner lots of love.

Here at Safe Haven for Animals, our ultimate goal is to place every companion animal in a "Forever Home." Happy Tails is dedicated to sharing success stories with the very people who help make adoption a reality. Give a companion animal a Forever Home, and if you already have, send us your Happy Tail!

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