We believe every cat deserves a safe, nurturing home.


Safe Haven for Animals was started in late 2004 as a non-profit, no-kill shelter. Our wish being that as many kitties as possible may know a safe and happy home rather than an untimely demise.

We have no time limit on a kitty's stay with us. Euthanasia is only used as a last resort, when a kitty's health condition is beyond improvement. Our purpose, quite simply, is to save kitties' lives.

But our joy lies in bringing kitty and person together in adoption. Giving every animal a family and each family a better life is the ultimate goal of Safe Haven for Animals. That is truly saving a kitty's life. That is why we exist. That is what make us happy!

In fact, every photo on this site is from our shelter!  Every one of these cats either is or was staying with us!  

Contact us today to make life better for both you and your new companion. 


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We keep all of our cats listed on AdoptaPet, where we can get as many human eyes on them as possible.  Hop over to our listings there to see who's waiting to meet you!


Find out about our organization, how we operate, and our mission to connect cats in need with the humans that can provide great homes for them!

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