Happy Tails

The greatest gift in rescue is uniting the hearts of humans and animals. We are so fortunate to have the chance to play matchmaker, and one of our absolute favorite things is the pictures and stories from owners post-adoption. We get to hear about a shy cat we knew would open up has finally taken over the house, a big personality that is missed is still up to their old tricks, and that the little pieces of our hearts we gave when we rescued and cared for these kitties keeps on giving.


Koda (Mars)

This sweet boy was the biggest and most fluffy kitties in his litter, here is what his family has to say:

I have Mars ( renamed Koda) he is wonderful. I wanted him the first time I saw his picture, but also because the description of him was way cool. He is wonderful addition to our family. We call him the bonus kitty. His heart is pure and is childlike in his nature. He loves my other 2cats and is quite the hunter.


Ruby (patches)

“Ruby. Woob. Wooby. Potato. Potato Cake. Tato. Tato cake. Woob Tube. If you can’t tell, we have a lot of nicknames for Ruby. She was a shy and timid kitten, who my sister met when she was hiding under a blanket. She got taken home and hid from us and she was reclusive. She loved being with her sister Emma And her brother Mickey. She has blossomed into a loving and sensitive kitten. She enjoys bird watching and laying on the top of her Tato tower (scratching post) napping in the afternoons. One of her favorite places to be pet is on the bathroom rug. She also enjoys chewing on dried lemon grass as a snack before she eats her white fish. She also enjoys lots of belly rubs on the bed. She looks up to our adult cat Elle and sleeps next to her often. She has brought so much love and joy to our lives and we are forever grateful to have adopted our Woob Tube. We are proud failed fosters of Miss. Ruby.”

Jojo & Gus


“I met my best friend around 3 years ago. He was 5 years old, in a foster home and about to be returned to the shelter. He was a gigantic orange cat and looking for a family to love. We weren’t looking for a new cat but when we met him it was love at first sight. Since Jojo (Jo) was already an adult cat, we got to know his personality right away and felt confident we were a good match. Jo is hilarious, a snuggler, and somehow knows when I’ve had a bad day and won’t leave my side.  I love him with all of my heart.

Gus is a special boy and we knew it when we first laid our eyes on him. Again, we weren’t looking for a new cat but his story and personality changed that.
[Gus was rescued from a hoarding situation inches from death by starvation and general neglect]. Despite Gus being around 15 years old, we loved him so much we decided we wanted to spend the years he has left loving him and caring for him. Upon first looking at Gus, you might notice his cauliflower ear (result of scratching from years of ear mites left untreated) or his mouth full of missing teeth. Although he looks like a grumpy old cat, Gus loves to be held really close with his head tucked under your chin, purring the whole time. He plays like a kitten and sleeps by my head every night.  The biggest surprise was my not-a-huge-fan-of-cats-husband instantly bonded with Gus and they are now inseparable.  Gus made us realize that adopting an older cat is such a gift to both the cat and the owner.  We can’t imagine our lives without this special guy.”


Holly & Gracie

“I had only wanted to adopt Gracie, or as she was known at Safe Haven, Tatiana. While I waited for her to come out of her condo, Holly introduced herself to me. The decision to adopt both was a no-brainer. They made the journey with me back to Pennsylvania and are my best friends. Gracie watches for me every day when I come home from work. Holly greets me every day asking for their special food. They make me laugh and while I love them, they make sure I know they love me. I can't imagine my life without them.


Gracie and I play hide and seek, which is so funny..she sits on my head so that I have to pull the blanket away so I can breathe, and her face is right there. And Holly's version of the red dot are the reflection of the car lights on the sofa as the cars drive by!”


Dixie & Taiga


Their new Mom describes them as “foster fails” - that’s when you foster a kitty and find out that the home they were looking for was yours! Here is a bit more about them:

“I feel in love with them and just couldn’t give them up. They are the loves of my life! Now they live a spoiled life of luxury with every whim met. Taiga likes spankings and his tail pulled, and Dixie humps my leg when I’m trying to sleep.”



“Here is our beautiful addition Felicity she is a loving friendly adult cat who has taken our hearts from the moment we met her. She loves her new home and enjoys playing and cuddling with us. Couldn’t imagine our home without her.


Silver (Tulouse)

“Our car Silver that we adopted has been a blessing to our family. If someone is sick he is there laying and purring on them. Adopting Silver was one of the best decisions I ever made. Our whole family loves him so much.


Gracie & Tux (Formerly Chopin & poulanc)

“This is Gracie and Tux.. who we adopted about 1.5 years ago.  We wanted a bonded pair and was back several times trying to find the right duo!  They made themselves right at home and are living the good life now. We love having them as part of the family. Gracie is chill and has the sweetest little meow.... Our boy Tux is a handful,  but makes has laugh with all his devilish antics!  We love of new little kitties!”


Abby (baby ruth)

“Baby Ruth a.k.a. Abby since this update…She is doing great. We're best pals. Her favorite things to play with are bottle caps and ice cubes. She is quite entertaining.”

Amadeus (chester)


Amadeus has been nothing but a perfect addition to my life. He's gone from having to live on his own (for his own saftey) away from other cats in a bathroom, to having full reign of my house. He lives like a king and has the attitude to show for it. He loves to run and run around the house until he tires himself out. After that he likes to stretch out on the couch,  laying on his back. If he's feeling particularly generous, he'll let you pet his stomach,  and some times he'll even fall asleep while you pet him. Amadeus is a perfect little ball of fur with nothing but love in his heart. I'm so lucky to have him in my life.”